Group Visit Information

Choose Your Tour

Dual Discovery Tour

  • $8 per person, Title I $6 per person
  • 2 1/2 hours long
  • Includes all areas from the Stellar STEAM Tour and Fossil Finder Tour.
  • A showing of The Tesla Experience may be added for an additional $2.

Stellar STEAM Tour

  • $7 per person, Title I $5 per person
  • 1 1/2 hours long
  • Includes program and exploration time in each of the three exhibit halls.
  • A showing of The Tesla Experience may be added for an additional $2.

Fossil Finder Tour

  • $7 per person, Title I $5 per person
  • 1 1/2 hours long
  • Includes a tour of the Paleo exhibit hall, introduction to the lab and archaeology specimens on display, a tour of the dig site, and a micro-fossil picking activity from an Ice Age marine site in Aurora, NC.
  • A showing of the Tesla Experience may be added for an additional $2.

How to Make a Reservation:

You can begin making a reservation by submitting the following information through e-mail to reservations@visithandson.org. Our reservations specialist will contact you to process your request. We recommend making reservations 30-45 days in advance, especially for larger groups. A reservation confirmation is required for all groups of ten or more and must be made at least one week in advance to receive the discounted admission rate.  Groups of 25 or more are required to tour in a structured rotation, smaller groups may be self-guided.

Please have the following information ready when you make a reservation:

Organization Name:

Is your school Title 1?:

Organization Address AND Phone Number:

Contact Name:

Contact Phone Number:

Visiting Date(s) you are interested in:

Estimated Arrival Time:

Age/Grade of Group:

# of Children expected to visit:

# of Adult Chaperones/Parents/Guardians (not teachers or school staff):

# of Teachers with valid teaching ID’s (also includes supporting school staff and bus drivers):

What tour would your group like?:

    • Fossil Finder
    • Stellar Steam
    • Dual Discovery

Do you want your group to receive a showing of The Tesla Experience?:

    • Admission cost is $2 per person (including teachers).
    • Adds approximately 30 minutes to your tour.

Do you want to rent one of our lunch facilities?:

    • Lunch room fee:
      • $25 for seating 10-49 people
      • $35 for seating 50+ people
    • Adds approximately 30 minutes to your tour.
    • During the Spring semester – Friday lunches are only available for an outside rental.
    • Hands On! does not provide food for your group.

Time you would prefer to eat, if using our lunch facility:

    • Groups larger than 15-20 children will be rotated through the lunch space.


After all necessary information is received, you will receive a written confirmation of your reservation. Please verify that all of the listed information is accurate and bring this confirmation with you on the day of your visit. If we do not have written confirmation of your reservation you may be charged the regular admission fee or denied entry based on capacity.

Prices and Payment Information:

To qualify for a group admission rate you must have at least 10 paying individuals in the group and finalize a reservation at least one week in advance.  The following prices are for adults, non-teacher chaperones, and children ages 4 and older:

  • Dual Discovery Tour – $8.00
  • Stellar STEAM Tour – $7.00
  • Fossil Finder Tour – $7.00
  • Tesla Experience Add-On – $2.00
  • We offer a $2 discount for students who qualify for the school breakfast and lunch program.  Additional grant-funded discounts may be available to your group.  Please inquire when making your reservation.
  • Teachers – free
  • Children 3 and younger – free

You may pay using a check, credit card (VISA, MasterCard), or purchase order.

Children of families with annual membership must provide a copy of the membership card to receive free admission.

Please remember to bring the written confirmation of your reservation, or your group may be charged the regular admission rate.

Special Discounts:

Discount offers may be available, please ask when making your reservation.

What to Expect During Your Group Visit:

Please review our Play & Wellness Guidelines before your visit.

When your group arrives, please send a representative inside to check-in and pay. Staff will then welcome your group and get you started on your tour.

Your group will be divided into smaller groups of 15-25 students each. We make every effort to separate students by class, but depending on class and overall group size, classes may be divided or combined as needed. Students will then rotate in their small groups around the different areas in 20-30 minute rotations depending on the duration of the stay. In each rotation area, they will receive a program led by our Discovery Guide staff and time for organized free exploration. All programs are tied to the Tennessee State Curriculum standards.

The Discovery Center’s lunch facilities are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please let us know when you make your reservation if you would like to eat here. There is an additional charge for this service.

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