The Tesla Experience


Witness an electrifying, musical, Guinness record-holding, experience that honors the great inventor, Nikola Tesla.  Watch in amazement as the world’s most powerful, musical, bi-polar Tesla coil turns 240 volts into 200,000!

This exhibit pays tribute to noted inventor Nikola Tesla who lived from 1856-1943.  He is most remembered for inventing alternating current, but when he died he had over 250 patents to his name.  Tesla’s inventions and patents made possible many things that today we take for granted.  Things like the radio, remote control, fluorescent lights, cell phones, hydro-powered dams, and many more would not be possible without his inventions.

The Tesla Experience shows are offered each day at 10:30, 12:30, 2:30, and 4:30. Tickets are $2 per person with admission.  Please check with the front desk for availability.

This exhibit is sponsored by Brightridge.