Dynamic Density – Rental Kit


Will it sink or float? Click Description for more information.

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*** This item is a one-week rental and must be returned. ***

Will it sink, will it float?  Explore the seemingly hidden science of mass and density.  Try out the float your “boat” contest, you won’t believe your eyes in the soda can drop, and take a guess at the density cube challenge.   (Contains small parts not suitable for children under 3.)


  • (2) Soda cans
  • (1 box) Marbles
  • (1 box) Aluminum foil
  • (1) Density cube set
  • (1) Ping pong ball
  • (5) Rubber bands
  • Instructions for all activities

What you need at home:

  • Water, a bucket or larger container for density cube testing and soda can drop, ruler