Super Solar System


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Explore the solar system with a pocket solar system, UV bead bracelet, Nature Prints sun-sensitive paper, a Planisphere, and a phases of the moon flip-book.  (Contains small parts not suitable for children under 3.)


  • (1) Colorful cardstock Planisphere set with instructions (colors vary)
  • (1) Copy of moon phases flip-book
  • (5) UV detecting beads (colors vary) and 1 piece of faux suede cording
  • (1) Pocket solar system set including meter long receipt tape, solar system sticker kit, folding guide
  • (5) sheets of 5”X5” sun-sensitive paper
  • Instructions for all activities

What you need at home:

  • Pencil, transparent tape, stapler, staples, scissors, objects for sun-sensitive prints